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Worker paralyzed from fall wins big jury award

Worker’s comp shields companies from expensive lawsuits (most of the time) when a worker is injured on the job. But injured workers can file — and win — expensive lawsuits against third parties involved in the incidents.

A jury in Indiana recently awarded an employee $24 million after a 17-foot fall from a ladder that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Anthony Arciniega, 42, fell at ISG Burns Harbor steel mill, now known as ArcelorMittal.

Arciniega fell from a ladder that was covered with concrete.

The employee wasn’t able to sue his employer, but he did sue a contractor, Minteq International.

A court found Minteq negligent in the incident, according to The Times of Northwest Indiana.

Large awards are more common in cases involving paralysis, according to because of the lifetime costs of medical care and home modifications.

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  1. Why this accident happen? The ladder was the cause of the accident? Why the employee climb on it?
    Is too many questions to answer correctly in this issue about the accident. But , I BELIEVE WAS A LACK OF TRAINING TO THE EMPLOYEE TO USE THE CORRECT LADDER TO CLIMBING :CONDITION, TYPE OF LADDER, ALTITUDE TO CLIMB, SUPPORTS, LEVEL ETC. Also important issue HOW HE LOOSE BALANCE? Using a ladder looks easy, but depending of the circunstancies as I was saying is dangerous and everyone needs to know what happens…He was alone? well should be justify the accident, for the jury…

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