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Turn Good Supervisors into Great Safety Leaders

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Good supervisors don't become great safety leaders by accident. They don’t start out with safety as their No. 1 priority.

They need help seeing that doing their jobs well goes hand-in-hand with the company's safety mission.

So how do you take the quality supervisors you have and develop them into the safety leaders you need?

Find out in this Essential Insights where you’ll get actionable tactics you can use today to develop safety leaders and safeguard workers from injuries.

What's Inside?
Turn Good Supervisors into Great Safety Leaders

Keys to Develop Supervisors into Safety Leaders in 30 minutes

  • No. 1 reason employees don't meet safety performance expectations
  • Checklist of 7 questions to ask when evaluating worker safety
  • What keeps supervisors from thinking safety first?
  • Top 4 motivation mistakes any manager can make
  • The 5 steps to take after unsafe behavior is spotted

Proven leadership strategies that keep workers safe

  • 5 basic safety responsibilities that protect employees and ensure compliance
  • Progressive discipline: Effective and appropriate consequences for unsafe behavior
  • How to improve the effectiveness of any safety program
  • Successful approaches to ensure supervisors effectively promote and enforce safety
  • Safety reward systems that backfire

Safety training tips that reduce injuries, keep people safe and keep costs down

  • 4 fresh ways to custom-tailor safety meetings
  • Proven strategies to develop impactful, value-based safety leaders
  • Proven training methods to safely operate machinery, tools and equipment
  • Real-life cases of devastating safety incidents
  • 5-step inspection checklist to identify hazards in any type of job or workplace

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