Ensure all current and future investigations are thorough - and legal

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Safety Investigations and the Law: What You Should and Shouldn't Do

Part of the Legal Series

A safety investigation that’s done improperly can leave your company open to a lawsuit.

Mistakes can cost money, employee trust, credibility within your industry and a great deal of time and energy.

Some companies avoid these issues with a systematic and legal approach that not only yields a smooth investigation but also identifies risk factors that will prevent or eliminate future injuries.

How do they do it?

Find out in "Safety Investigation and the Law: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do” where you’ll get a clear, no-nonsense plan anyone can use right now to ensure all current and future accident investigations are thorough and legal.

What's Inside?
Safety Investigations and the Law: What You Should and Shouldn't Do

Keys to a problem-free investigation in just 30 minutes

  • 10-part checklist to ensure thorough and legal accident investigations
  • Documentation: What you should and shouldn't put in writing
  • Using accident investigations as a tool to uncover hidden hazards
  • 11 action steps you can use now to prepare for possible accidents

Protect yourself in court

  • 6 keys to liability-free interviews with victims and witnesses
  • How to make sure you've gathered ALL the evidence
  • How not to make it easier for employees to win frivolous lawsuits
  • How to show you care about safety in court


  • How to ensure incident investigations focus on prevention
  • Real-life examples - and what you should do
  • Legal obligations, standards and penalties
  • How to avoid willful OSHA violations

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