Could you be paying for PPE when you don’t have to?

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OSHA's PPE Reg: What You Do And Don't Have To Pay For

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It sounds simple enough. OSHA’s personal protective equipment (PPE) regulation requires employers to pay for their employees’ safety gear.

But OSHA included exceptions to the rule. And the agency also expects companies to follow certain procedures for PPE payment and replace PPE at regular intervals.

Are you 100% certain you’re in compliance and only paying for equipment that OSHA requires?

This guide gives clear-cut guidance that will leave ZERO doubt in your mind.

What's Inside?
OSHA's PPE Reg: What You Do And Don't Have To Pay For

PPE Compliance Questions Answered in 30 minutes:

  • 4 major exceptions: Don't pay for what you don't have to
  • Clarification on exactly what is and isn't PPE
  • OSHA's test to decide whether employers need to pay for PPE add-ons
  • Guidance to help organizations of all sizes and industries

OSHA's 100-Page PPE Reg Summed up in 21 Pages:

  • Replacement PPE: When and how often you must pay for it
  • How the new rules apply to disciplinary policies
  • Employee-owned PPE: Ensuring it's adequate
  • 3 guidelines for upgraded or personalized PPE
  • How employers pay: The most effective and acceptable methods

Personal Protective Equipment Payments – The Who, What & When:

  • Independent contractors: Who pays for their PPE?
  • What PPE choices you have to offer employees
  • How the new rule affects other OSHA standards
  • Additional help: Contact info for every region and state OSHA plan

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