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Handling an Aging and Obese Workforce

Part of the Injury Series

Today’s workforce is older and, shall we say, “less slender” than its counterpart of 50 years ago.

The result is a workforce that is much more susceptible to injuries on the job.

As much as some of your older workers may want to disagree, their bodies at age 65 are much more likely to succumb to injuries they may have escaped when they were 25 or 35.

And a recent study out of Johns Hopkins found that 85% of injured workers were classified as overweight or obese.

So what can you do to reduce the likelihood of injuries in an aging and “husky”-sized workforce?

This Essential Insights is filled with actionable tactics and proven strategies to merge wellness, safety and ergonomics into one highly effective program best suited to today's employees.

What's Inside?
Handling an Aging and Obese Workforce

Strategies to Successfully Integrate Wellness and Occupational Safety :

  • 85% of injured workers are overweight: How to help them slim down
  • 3-step hierarchy to improve ergonomics and prevent injuries at any workplace
  • Why workers don't participate in wellness programs - and how to change it
  • Incentives: What works, what doesn't and how to incorporate them into a program
  • Available grants, state funds and tax credits that pay for wellness at small businesses

Best Practices to Address the Unique Challenges of an Aging, Obese Workforce:

  • Ways to identify and overcome the leading causes of neck, back and shoulder injuries
  • Accomplish more and avoid exhaustion by using older workers' best time of day
  • 6 steps to decrease the effects of arthritis
  • Tips to overcome the many issues that come with declining vision
  • 10 recommendations for working with people who have hearing loss

Improvements That Benefit All Workers :

  • Wellness initiatives to combat the 7 effects of increased obesity
  • Keys to prevent injuries caused by declining strength, flexibility and balance
  • Boost respiratory health by combining protection programs with smoking cessation
  • Negative effects diabetes and heart disease have on safety - and behaviors to stop them
  • 4 guidelines for a diet that produces energy rather than fatigue

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