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Employees' Top 10 Safety Excuses And How to Counter Them

Part of the Safety Management Series

"I won't get hurt."

"This PPE is uncomfortable; I had to take it off."

"I just forgot."

When it comes to breaking safety rules, the excuses are endless. Sure, an injury or incident won't occur every time a shortcut is taken or training is skipped, but when workers continue to "forget" about safety procedures, something bad will happen.

And that's on top of workers not even knowing they're breaking the rules. In those cases, OSHA really puts the hammer down.

This Essential Insights gives you the Top 10 safety excuses workers use today – and how you can counter them to create a safer, more productive workplace free from OSHA fines.

What's Inside?
Employees' Top 10 Safety Excuses And How to Counter Them

Combat Excuses so They Don't Get Used Again

  • 4 ways to break employees' dangerously bad habits
  • Using real-life incidents to scare know-it-alls straight
  • Hands-on training workers will actually remember
  • Overcoming the "it won't happen to me" mentality

Deal with Rule-Breakers and Negative Safety Mindsets

  • "What was he thinking?" Getting to the root of unsafe decisions
  • Strategies that get employees to think safety first
  • Conquer the 2 behaviors that result in risk-taking
  • Employee input that helps you train more effectively
  • Tackling tough safety situations with cynical employees

Strong Policies and Enforcement That Get Workers to Follow Rules

  • Rewards that encourage safety without losing production
  • Get workers to shape-up with accountability & punishment
  • Indirect cost of injuries and how it affects you
  • A new spin on safety: Injury tolerance
  • PPE best practices that get workers to wear their gear

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