8 Great Ways to Get Workers to Wear Their PPE

This guide is chock full of new ideas to get workers to wear their PPE and protect them injury

Workers deciding to ignore training and policies – not to mention common sense - and forego PPE is close to the top of the list of biggest frustrations among safety pros.

The only thing worse is when their flagrant disregard for procedures results in an injury that flat-out never would have occurred if they’d just followed the rules.

How do you get consistent and complete adherence when it comes to donning PPE?

Download 8 Great Ways to Get Workers to Wear Their PPE and discover:

  • How to obliterate the “it’s uncomfortable” excuse once and for all
  • The simple demonstration that will get employees wearing their least favorite piece of PPE – every time
  • Why the phrase “location is everything” isn’t only applicable to real estate
  • An innovative labeling approach that makes the “I lost it” excuse disappear (hint: it has nothing to do with names)

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