Stop workers from ignoring safety rules before an accident or injury occurs

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13 Reasons Workers Ignore Safety Rules And How to Make That Change

Part of the Safety Management Series

"I'm going to do what's best for No. 1 ..."

"I'm safe, it's those other guys you have to worry about ..."

"Isn't there a better way to do this ..."

If you're like most safety managers, this is what you're up against.

Workers have their own ideas about safety AND they ignore yours.

Tragically, this is exactly what causes accidents and injuries. But how do you get workers to change?

In this Essential Insights you'll find the 13 leading reasons workers blow off safety - and how to stop workers from deviating from good safety practices and taking unnecessary risks.

What's Inside?
13 Reasons Workers Ignore Safety Rules And How to Make That Change

Why Workers Abandon Safety - And How to Stop Them

  • Change workers' negative mindsets before they become hazards
  • 5 ideas to make safety rules less complicated and easier to implement
  • Production vs. safety: How the CEO can make a memorable impact
  • Safety training best practices that can effectively be applied on the job
  • What to do when a worker flat-out refuses to care about safety

Confront and Change Unsafe Behavior as You See it Happening

  • Discover why workers ignore safety to counter their arguments and doubts
  • Quizzes that boost productivity and keep safety top of mind
  • Safety reminders that stand out and promote workers to stay alert
  • 3 question survey that shows workers they're not as safe as they think
  • 3 methods to successfully cross-train employees and help them steer clear of mistakes

Turn Safety Program Doubters into Supporters

  • 5 ways to get feedback and suggestions to improve your safety program
  • Employee-led training that drives home your message and gives an ego boost
  • 4 keys to remove the stigma of looking dumb for asking questions
  • 3-step approach to get workers used to new or changed rules
  • Lessons that get workers to avoid shortcuts and start thinking long-term

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