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10 Ways To Create A Better Safety Culture

Part of the Safety Culture Series

Creating a zero-injury workplace is about the people – not the gear. Taking a "rules and tools" approach won't cut it when your standards are higher than just satisfactory. That's because with "satisfactory" safety programs people consistently get hurt – or worse. It's a challenge.

How do you get your workers to pay attention to safety and convince upper management to actively support your initiatives?

This Essential Insights gives you you concrete steps you can take immediately to gain buy-in for a no-tolerance-for-accidents safety culture, develop safety leaders, get management and front-line workers thinking safety first, measure your success – and keep everyone safer and happier.

What's Inside?
10 Ways To Create A Better Safety Culture

Build an Active Safety Culture

  • Getting executives to buy-in to your safety initiatives
  • Resolving conflicts between safety and production
  • Using safety metrics to measure your success
  • Front-line worker buy-in – Why injury prevention depends on it
  • Eliminate the "it can't happen to me" mentality

Finding Positive Leadership for Safety

  • Why trust decreases injuries – How to build it at your company
  • Developing strong safety leaders on both sides
  • What you aren't saying – Are your actions sending the right messages?
  • Using rewards – How to spend a little to save a lot
  • Avoiding the acts that destroy trust – The right way to use safety committees

Gain the Respect of the Front Line

  • It's a marathon, not a sprint – Small changes that go a long way towards injury-prevention
  • How to avoid personal agendas, gain credibility with your workers
  • Why you need to tell the truth ... even when it's inconvenient
  • Real-life success stories of what worked for your peers
  • How to create a give-and-take work atmosphere

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