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What leads to long-term opioid use after a workplace injury?

A new study reveals six factors that can lead to long-term opioid use for employees injured at work and who weren’t previously taking the prescription painkillers.  [Read more…]

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Is number of deaths from workplace injury higher than reported due to opioid overdose?

A new study links workplace injuries to the opioid epidemic.  [Read more…]

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Chronic opioid use: How it starts and ends, and what employers can do

How long does it take for chronic opioid users to wean completely off the drugs after a workplace injury?  [Read more…]

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Authorities: Man used NFL player names in workers’ comp fraud

A Spokane Valley, WA, man faces fraud charges after authorities say he used the last names of Seattle Seahawk players when filling out fake workers’ comp injury reports to get painkillers.  [Read more…]

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Job security speeds workers’ recovery from injury

A recent study identifies some new predictors of how workers will recover after they are injured at work and collect workers’ compensation benefits.  [Read more…]

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Were injuries caused at work or home? Employee applies for workers’ comp

Within the course of one week, an employee suffered an incident involving her leg at home and then another incident involving her leg at work. She applied for workers’ comp, claiming the injuries were caused by the work incident. Her employer denied her comp claim on the grounds that the first incident at home caused her injuries.

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Are injuries at holiday workplace parties covered by workers’ comp?

Imagine this: “Joe,” your employee, suffers an injury at your company holiday party that incapacitates him. Will his injuries and time off be covered by workers’ comp? [Read more…]

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Doc orders weight-loss surgery: Will workers’ comp cover it?


Imagine this: An employee, who happens to be morbidly obese, is injured at work. Doctors say, before he has surgery to correct the workplace injury, he needs weight-loss surgery. [Read more…]

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Best responses to 5 biggest PPE excuses

“How do I get all my employees to wear their safety gear all the time?” It’s one of the top challenges safety pros face year after year. So we asked 290 of your peers about their experiences to find out the top reasons workers give for not wearing PPE. [Read more…]

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