Safety and OSHA News

Employee dies in trench collapse attempting to rescue co-worker

A fatal trench collapse involving a worker killed attempting to save a co-worker serves as a tragic reminder that rescue attempts should only be made when it’s safe to do so and only by trained individuals. [Read more…]

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13 workers injured in formwork collapse; 3 companies receive $147K in safety fines

The injuries employees received in this structure collapse could have been much worse. The only thing that prevented worse injuries from their 20-foot falls?  [Read more…]

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Company cited 8 times in 12 years: $354K fine

A contractor with a history of violating workplace safety standards faces a total of $354,000 in new fines from OSHA in connection with trenching hazards at two work sites. [Read more…]

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Did OSHA citation make company vulnerable to lawsuit?


Workers’ comp is usually the “exclusive remedy” when an employee is injured on the job, meaning the worker can’t sue the company. But when OSHA issues a willful citation, does that open the door for a successful lawsuit? [Read more…]

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