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10 largest OSHA fines of 2015

Who got hit with huge OSHA penalties this year? Time for a look back at the biggest cases.

Here are the 10 largest OSHA fines of 2015 in ascending order:

  1. Alfa Laval, Broken Arrow, OK: $477,900. OSHA said this company failed to make needed changes to its safety program. The fines include five categorized as repeat. Among 45 serious fines was a General Duty Clause violation for combustible dust.
  2. First Capital Insulation Inc., York, PA: $490,000. OSHA said three workers removing pipe insulation were exposed to asbestos. The company received the maximum penalty for seven willful violations.
  3. DNRB Inc. dba Fastrack Erectors, Pacific, MO: $511,000. A 22-year-old worker fell more than 30 feet while standing on a 9-inch-wide steel girder on a building under construction in Kansas City, MO. The company now faces seven willful and three serious violations, including fall protection citations.
  4. Hartman Construction & Equipment Inc., Anchorage, AK: $560,000. A construction worker died after he was buried up to his waist in a trench collapse and then co-workers tried to rescue him using two excavators. The worker died from injuries that resulted from being struck by construction equipment. The company received the maximum penalty for seven willful violations, including trenching hazards.
  5. Lloyd Industries Inc., Montgomeryville, PA: $822,000. OSHA issued violations to the duct manufacturer following dozens of injuries, including crushed and amputated fingers. OSHA issued 24 violations in its most recent inspection, with 10 categorized as willful. Citations included failure to provide proper machine guarding and hearing tests.
  6. Dollar Tree, multiple locations throughout the U.S.: $825,000. Dollar Tree and OSHA reached an agreement to settle 13 inspections at the retailer’s stores. Inspections uncovered a pattern of violations involving blocked emergency exits, obstructed access to exit routes, improper material storage and electrical hazards.
  7. Nebraska Railcar Cleaning Services (NRCS), Omaha, NE: $963,000. OSHA issued fines to NRCS in connection with the deaths of two of its employees inside a railcar in April. An explosion blew the escape ladder off of the railcar, trapping one worker inside and hurling the other off the top of the car. A third employee was injured. OSHA issued 33 citations.
  8. Kehrer Brothers Construction, Okawville, IL: $1,792,000. OSHA says Kehrer brought non-English speaking workers to the U.S. and knowingly exposed them to asbstos. A company affiliated with Kehrer, D7 Roofing, was fined an additional $147,000.
  9. Case Farms Processing Inc., Winesburg: $1.87 million. These fines added up over several inspections at Case locations. The most recent infractions filed against Case’s chicken processing facilities in Winesburg and Canton, OH, involve deficiencies in ammonia refrigeration systems. Those fines alone totaled $462,000.
  10. Ashley Furniture, Whitehall and Arcadia, WI: $2,280,200. OSHA issued fines to Ashley Furniture three times in 2015. The most recent fines were for failing to protect workers from moving machine parts. Fines issued earlier in 2015 were the result of investigations which showed more than 1,000 recordable work-related injuries in the previous 3.5 years at the company’s facilities.
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