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Fred Hosier

Fred Hosier, editor of Safety News Alert, is a Group Publisher for Progressive Business Publications’ Compliance Group of newsletters. He is the managing editor of the online and print publication Safety Compliance Alert. He is also the Managing Editor of the Environmental Compliance Alert. Previously at PBP he was editor of the newsletter Communication Bulletin for Managers and Supervisors.
Fred’s been in the communications business since 1985, including 11 years at WILM Newsradio in Wilmington, DE, where as News Director he and his team were the recipients of multiple awards from The Associated Press, The Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio/Television News Directors Association, including the Edward R. Murrow award for Overall Excellence of a broadcast news organization.
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Was employee doctor shopping for opioids? Court decides workers’ comp case

This injured worker left the care of his pain management doctor after having a disagreement about the amount of opioids he was taking. Can the worker get a new doctor under workers’ comp?  [Read more…]

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Did injured worker prove employer violated safety reg and get additional comp benefits?

An employee says his employer could have taken steps to prevent his injury, therefore he deserves additional workers’ comp benefits. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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69% of employees are tired at work

Nearly seven out of ten employees surveyed by the National Safety Council report feeling tired at work.  [Read more…]

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Fatal heart attack under stressful work conditions: Will widow get comp benefits?

One question would determine whether an employee’s widow would receive workers’ comp benefits for her husband’s on-the-job heart attack.  [Read more…]

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Chimpanzee sanctuary to pay $12K in OSHA fines: Employees’ fingers bitten off

A nonprofit animal sanctuary in Tumalo, OR, agreed to pay $12,520 in fines to Oregon OSHA, in connection with incidents in which employees suffered serious injuries while working with chimpanzees. But the state isn’t done looking into the sanctuary.  [Read more…]

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Court orders Conagra to pay $109M settlement in fatal Slim Jim plant explosion

The Nebraska Supreme Court says Conagra must pay a $108.9 million jury verdict for a 2009 fatal natural gas explosion at a factory that produced Slim Jims in North Carolina.  [Read more…]

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Employee suffers stroke at work: Workers’ comp or lawsuit?

image: CDC

A worker sued his employer for failure to help him while he was suffering a stroke at work. The employer says this should be a workers’ comp case. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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Injured worker thrown from wheelchair during treatment: Additional comp benefits?

When an injured worker visits a medical facility for treatment, they’re supposed to get better. That wasn’t the case here, and now the injured worker wants more workers’ comp benefits.  [Read more…]

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Can injured worker refuse this light duty job?

This injured worker’s employer offered her a light-duty job. The worker refused the offer because it was at a different location and it would be difficult for her to get to work. After refusing the offer, would she still get workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Keeping workers safe during hurricane recovery efforts

OSHA urges employers to be prepared to keep their workers safe during extreme weather. [Read more…]

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