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Safety training occupies the core of any workplace safety program. It’s the first step in preventing injuries and fatalities, but it’s far from once-and-done. Safety managers have to refresh employee training all the time. In this section you’ll find the latest research and trends in safety training. Also included: How employee training (or lack of it) contributed to companies’ safety experiences.

You’re right — no one listens: Here’s why

When it comes to spreading the safety message, have you ever thought to yourself, no one is listening. Well, no one might be…Click to continue

Final GHS/hazcom deadline in 2016: Is your company ready?

Off-road vehicle injury: Will OSHA fine stick, or was this unpreventable misconduct?

Report: Prescribed meds remain top drug threat in U.S.

CSB: Flawed safety procedures led to toxic chemical leak, 4 deaths at DuPont plant

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More Safety Training Articles