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Safety training occupies the core of any workplace safety program. It’s the first step in preventing injuries and fatalities, but it’s far from once-and-done. Safety managers have to refresh employee training all the time. In this section you’ll find the latest research and trends in safety training. Also included: How employee training (or lack of it) contributed to companies’ safety experiences.

Judge: Company violated bloodborne pathogen regs, falsified training docs

A judge has upheld OSHA fines issued to a uniform laundry service for violations involving bloodborne pathogen and lead exposure.…Click to continue

Injured on way to safety meeting: Will he get workers’ comp?

Nurse contracts Ebola in U.S.: Lack of CDC guidance on worker safety?

Workers vs. supervisors: What motivates each group to work safely?

Can employees be trained to spot potential workplace violence?

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More Safety Training Articles