Safety and OSHA News

10 largest OSHA fines of 2015

Who got hit with huge OSHA penalties this year? Time for a look back at the biggest cases.

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Dollar Tree to pay $825K in OSHA fines as part of settlement

Dollar Tree and OSHA have reached an agreement to settle 13 inspections at the retailer’s stores for $825,000. The agreement includes pages of specifics on how Dollar Tree will change its safety program.  [Read more…]

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Is stack of boxes a workplace hazard? Workers’ comp depends on answer

In some states, workers’ comp won’t provide disability coverage if an employee’s injury resulted from a hazard that regularly occurs outside the workplace. That’s why in this case, defining what is and what isn’t a workplace hazard determined whether an employee received benefits.  [Read more…]

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Worker’s MySpace page tips former employer off about comp fraud

It’s true: Managers can find comp fraud by viewing employees’ social networking Web pages. [Read more…]

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