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Top 5 safety concerns for workers

A new EHS survey by finds workers are more concerned about their workplace safety than they were a year ago. 

The May 2019 study asked 1,069 workers in industries impacted by EHS concerns to name their top safety concern. The top 5 are:

  1. slip, trip and fall: 36%
  2. electrical hazards: 13%
  3. ergonomic problems: 9%
  4. vehicle and equipment strikes: 7%, and
  5. falling objects: 6%.

The top concern varied by industry:

  • construction: electrical hazards
  • manufacturing: ergonomic problems
  • oil and gas: chemical exposure
  • transportation: vehicle and equipment strikes, and
  • utilities: electrical hazards.

The study found that concern for overall workplace safety is on the rise. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they’re more concerned with on-the-job safety this year than they were last year.

Twenty-five percent said they worry on a daily basis about getting injured at work. Construction workers are 27% more likely to have this concern. Workers in the oil and gas industry are also more likely to have this concern.

They’re ready for training

Here’s some good news from the survey: Respondents say they want to learn. Fifty-six percent said they are extremely interested in receiving more job-skills and career development training.

How many workers think their companies are making this training investment? Again, it varies by industry:

  • agriculture: 71%
  • construction: 71%
  • manufacturing: 58%
  • mining: 38%
  • oil and gas: 61%
  • transportation: 60%, and
  • utilities: 57%.
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