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  • Prevent injuries and incidents
  • Ensure workers follow their training and avoid risky behavior
  • Get buy-in for safety from the C-Suite and supervisors
  • Build a strong safety culture
  • Comply with latest OSHA regulations with timely updates, analysis and clear interpretations of how they affect you

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Our team of safety, training, regulatory and research authorities and our editors read thousands of pages of OSHA and state regs, plus those from leading safety experts & practioners and news outlets, thoroughly vet these hundreds of sources and talk to leading safety practitioners in the field …

… and from that abyss of information, we hand-select the most relevant, useful and impactful content, distill confusing (and at times conflicting) laws and regulations into straightforward guidance, and deliver you proven advice and tools that will lead to success no matter what challenge you're facing - whether you are a safety department of one, or the EHS Director of a Fortune 500 organization.

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Safety Training Kits

Everything you need to train workers on 13 must-know safety topics without hours of prep time – and fully customizable.

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Essential Insights

A library of 15+ concise, 18- to 25-page executive summaries that deliver quick tips, best practices, distilled research and curated knowledge on a specific safety topic.

Practical Tools cover

Practical Tools

A library of 140+ handy checklists, toolbox talks, training handouts, and quizzes, you can use to ensure safety or training workers. BONUS: Many of these are also available in Spanish.

Icon - Legal Q&A

What Would You Do?

A library of 50+ challenging safety situations with the recommendations of three safety pros on how to resolve them.


Case Studies

A library of 55+ short case studies giving you an inside look at success stories from your safety peers that you can adapt to your unique company situation.

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You Be The Judge Quizzes

A library of 55+ immimently readable court cases in story form that ask you to guess the outcome before seeing how the court ruled, with analysis from our expert tea m and what it means to you in practice.

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Safety Compliance Alert Digital Newsletter

An exclusive, downloadable digital newsletter containing select content hand-curated by our editors – ideal for printing out and reading on the go.

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eNewsletters that provide a continuous stream of ideas and advice while keeping you up-to-date on the latest valuable site content.

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Safety News Alert Safety Training Kits

Everything You Need to Conduct A Successful Safety Training Session Without Hours of Prep Time!

Complete, ready-to-go training on the topics your workers need to know most. Fully customizable, these training resources give you fresh, attention-grabbing tools to get your training message across and make it stick.

Each hi-quality training program comes with the following:

Internal Fraud
Exernal Fraud
Online Sales Tax
120 Proven Communication Tips For Today's CFOs
120 Proven Communication Tips For Today's CFOs

Our Training Kits Will Help You Train Better See for Yourself!
Get Full Access To Them Now - Absolutely FREE

Essential Insights Covers

Essential Insights

Energize Your Safety Program, Prevent Injuries, Train More Effectively, and Ensure Compliance. These Short Guides Help Reach Your Safety Goals!

Our Essential Insights are 15-25 page, to-the-point guides that address some of today’s most critical safety topics and challenges.

These guides are chock full of a host of new ideas and approaches you can put to use in your workplace to keep workers safe and reduce injuries. Whether it’s getting frontline workers to stop making excuses and follow their training, to getting management on the side of safety, these guides deliver clear, concise tactics and strategies you can use today to achieve a safer workplace.

Click a cover to get quick looks at some of the things you and your team will learn in each Essential Insight

Safety Management
Employees’ Top 10 Safety Excuses And How to Counter Them
19 pages

When it comes to breaking safety rules, the excuses are endless. This guide gives you the Top 10 safety excuses workers use today – and how you can counter them to change behavior and create a safer, more productive workplace. You'll learn:

  • How to combat excuses so they don't get used again
  • 4 ways to break employees' dangerously bad habits
  • Overcoming the "it won't happen to me" mentality
  • Strong policies and enforcement that get workers to follow rules
  • And more
Turn Good Supervisors into Great Safety Leaders
18 pages

How do you take the quality supervisors you have and develop them into the safety leaders you need? Find out in this guide where you’ll get actionable tactics you can use today to develop safety leaders and safeguard workers from injuries. Includes:

  • Keys to develop supervisors into safety leaders
  • Successful approaches to ensure supervisors effectively promote and enforce safety
  • Supervisor training tips that reduce injuries, keep people safe and costs down
  • And more
Get Injured Employees Back to Work!
18 pages

Once workers are out with an injury, it can be problematic to get them to return. This guide gives you clear guidance on how to safely - and legally - get injured workers back to work faster, including best practices for light-duty and return-to-work programs. You’ll learn:

  • Keys to getting injured employees back to work
  • How to create and maintain a successful light-duty program
  • Best practices for return-to-work programs
  • And more
Safety Culture
13 Reasons Workers Ignore Safety Rules And How to Make That Change
23 pages

Some workers have their own ideas about safety AND they ignore yours. In this guide, you'll find the 13 leading reasons workers blow off safety - and how to stop workers from deviating from good safety practices and taking unnecessary risks. Discover:

  • Why workers abandon safety - and how to stop them
  • A 3-step approach that breaks bad habits
  • Best ways to handle repeat offenders
  • And more
Reducing Back Injuries: What Supervisors and Employees Need to Know
18 pages

Back injuries are the single most common and most costly injury in the workplace. This clear, concise guide is filled with strategies and tactics anyone can use to identify and eliminate the causes of back injuries and create a safer, more productive work environment. In it you’ll learn:

  • How to reduce back injuries in 30 minutes
  • Overlooked causes of back injuries – and how to avoid them
  • The 10 proven traits of injury-free workers
  • And more
Reducing Ergonomic Injuries
19 pages

Use this guide to reduce ergonomic injuries in your workplace. Learn effective techniques and proven strategies on how to transform your workplace to prevent injuries, eliminate potential hazards and get worker buy-in to cut down on injuries.

  • Transform your workplace to prevent injuries
  • Eliminate hazards so employees don't get injured in the first place
  • Get employees actively involved in cutting down on ergo-related injuries
  • And more
Safety Management
Why Safety Discipline Backfires
20 pages

New research says aggressive discipline programs often make the workplace more dangerous. This guide provides actionable tactics you can use today to effectively promote safety and prevent incidents without having to use discipline. Discover:

  • Discipline disasters that can derail safety programs
  • Improve safety without using discipline? How to do it
  • Best practices for preventing future incidents
  • And more
OSHA’s PPE Reg: What you do and don’t have to pay for
21 pages

OSHA’s PPE reg requires employers to pay for their employees’ safety gear. BUT OSHA included exceptions to the rule. Are you 100% certain you’re in compliance and only paying for equipment that OSHA requires? Find out in this guide:

  • 4 major exceptions: Don't pay for what you don't have to
  • Guidelines for upgraded, personalized or replacement PPE
  • OSHA's 100-Page PPE Reg Summed up in 21 Pages
  • And More
Handling an Aging and Obese Workforce
21 pages

An older and obese workforce is more susceptible to injuries than its counterpart of 30 years ago. What can you do to counter this and ensure your safety program is best suited to today's employees? Read this guide and discover:

  • Best practices to address the unique challenges of an aging, obese workforce
  • Strategies to successfully integrate wellness and occupational safety
  • Keys to prevent injuries caused by declining strength, flexibility and balance
  • And more
Safety Management
Working Alone: Dumb and Deadly Mistakes Employees Make
21 pages

This easy-to-read guide not only details the often-deadly mistakes lone workers can make, but also gives you actionable tactics to reduce or eliminate the risk of poor decisions and ensure workers’ safety in the future. In it, discover:

  • How to keep lone workers safe, even when no one else is around
  • The two most important components of lone worker safety
  • Ways to effectively counter risk tolerance
  • And more
Heat Stress: Keeping Employees Safe
23 pages

This practical guide gives you clear guidance on how to recognize heat stress warning signs, prevent heat-related illnesses and keep workers safe in hot conditions. Read it and get:

  • A 7-point prevention plan to effectively manage heat stress
  • Fresh ideas on getting workers to stay hydrated and use proper PPE
  • Actionable ways to minimize exposure in high-impact areas
  • 2 easy-to-use checklists to assess heat hazards at any workplace
  • And more
Safety Culture
10 ways to create a better safety culture
22 pages

Learn proven strategies to create a better safety culture, including how to develop safety leaders, get management and front-line workers thinking safety first, and keep everyone safer and happier. Takeaways include how to:

  • Build an active safety culture
  • Get executives to buy in to your safety initiatives
  • Resolve conflicts between safety and production
  • Eliminate the "it can't happen to me" mentality
  • And more
Safety Investigations and the Law: What You Should and Shouldn't Do
15 pages

A safety investigation that’s done improperly can leave your company open to a lawsuit. This guide provides where a clear, no-nonsense plan anyone can use right now to ensure all current and future incident investigations are thorough and legal. Included:

  • 10-part checklist to ensure thorough and legal incident investigations
  • 6 keys to liability-free interviews with victims and witnesses
  • Documentation: What you should and shouldn't put in writing
  • And more
Conducting a Mock OSHA Inspection
18 pages

Top safety pros say conducting a mock OSHA inspection is the best way to get your facility in compliance, prevent hefty fines and prep employees for when a real inspector shows up. This guide shows you exactly how to do it. Inside you’ll discover:

  • 10 critical steps for developing and executing a mock inspection
  • The biggest inspection pitfalls lurking inside your facility
  • What employees should and shouldn't say to inspectors
  • And more
Safety training ideas worth stealing
33 pages

This guide contains 65 unique and proven safety ideas and examples to not only keep workers engaged and focused during training, but also help them consistently put what they’ve learned into practice long after the session’s over. Learn:

  • 3 keys to getting safety training to stick
  • A Psychology 101 trick that holds their attention – and delivers impact
  • What is and isn’t working when training today’s workers
  • And more

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Our Practical Tools Get You There

Practical Tools include 2-5 page checklists of best practices and must-do’s, plus 5-6 page Training Shops that provide quick training and a quiz. All are easily printable for quick reference or training handouts and are ideal for tookbox talks or morning safety meetings. BONUS: You also get Spanish versions of most of our Training Shops!

INSIDERS have can access to over 140+ Practical Tools

Take a quick look inside …

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What Would You Do? Scenarios

Learn New Ways to Resolve Challenging Workplace Problems Through Advice from Your Peers

In our "What Would You Do" Scenarios, we present a short summary of a challenging – but not uncommon - safety dilemma to three safety pros and have them tell us how they would have handled the problem.

Our INSIDERS say they benefit not only from being forced to think through what their own responses would be, but in seeing the diversity and creativity of the responses their peers have given.

Get Fresh Ideas to Overcome Everyday Safety Challenges By Seeing How Your Peers Would Handle Them …

  • Forklift safety is slipping: How can you stop it from escalating into an injury?
  • Horseplay almost causes slip-and-fall incident: What should Mike do or say?
  • Can Mike hire a prospective employee who uses medical marijuana?
  • Not having procedures in Spanish causing problems for some employees
  • New supervisor wants to change procedure, but workers say it’s unsafe
  • Mike considers an online training program, but is it OSHA compliant?
  • Near-miss: Distracted employee almost gets hit by passing forklift
  • Superstar employee working unsafely, but supervisors say he’s being efficient
  • Workers aren’t reporting ‘minor’ injuries thinking they can tough it out
  • Workers are afraid to point out safety hazards despite being told it’s OK
  • CFO wants to switch PPE vendors, but workers say new gear isn’t a good fit
  • CFO looks to trim safety budget: Can Mike run program a little bit leaner?
  • How can Mike get management to be more supportive of safety?
  • One employee’s extreme overtime is becoming a safety concern
  • Every time you try to schedule safety training, Production pushes it back
  • Supervisor claims worker is abusing company’s ‘safety stop’ policy

Case Studies

Get Proven, Real-World Solutions You Can Implement to Make Your Workplace Safer

There’s nothing better than getting a solid win - whether it's getting management’s buy-in for a new initiative to noticing the little things on the frontlines that tell you something has finally “clicked” when it comes to safety.

That's what our Case Studies are all about – success stories from other safety professionals that you can adapt to your own unique challenges.

When you become an INSIDER, you get a treasure trove of real-world, proven, actionable ideas that you can draw upon to overcome obstacles, implement new ideas and improve safety.

Find Out What's Working for Your Peers With Our Real-World Case Studies and Learn How To:

  • Prevent shortcuts that lead to injuries
  • Put a stop to intentional risk takers
  • Make front-liners champion safety culture
  • Send the right message that leads to supervisor buy-in
  • Keep safety from taking a backseat to deadlines
  • Make a "See a problem? Say a problem" a reality
  • Ensure worker safety despite production pressure
  • Get supervisors to embrace surprise drills
  • Make workers feel part of the safety program
  • Teach people to prevent back problems
  • Reduce safety risks through a sleep-health program
  • Get a production team to understand the importance of safety
  • Strengthen the human factor to prevent falls
  • Boost engagement by thinking like an advertiser
  • Prevent new hite injuries
  • De-escalate potential workplace violence

"It allows us to see what other companies are doing and learn from their experiences." – Karen Dorman, Sr. Project Manager, GESL

You Be The Judge Quizzes

Steer Your Company Clear of Costly Lawsuits and Fines by Seeing How Mistakes Get Made – And Learning How to Avoid Them

If employees were only more aware of the legal consequences of their actions, think of how many lawsuits would never be filed or penalties never assessed.

Our "You Be The Judge" Quizzes present dramatized versions of real-world disputes that ended up before a judge and asks you to guess the verdict.

Reading these cases helps predict how the courts are interpreting current laws and regs. They can also be used to avoid similar missteps by helping your team understand the legal consequences of their actions and the importance of getting things right.

Can You Answer These Questions Correctly? …

  • Burns caused by lack of PPE or misconduct?
  • Worker violated lockout/tagout rules: Was injury the company’s fault?
  • Ladder’s placement the cause of the fall?
  • Did they do enough to prevent heat stroke?
  • Talking on cellphone causes worker’s car crash: Is company liable?
  • Did poor training lead to worker’s injury?
  • Horseplay causes injury: Can company be held responsible?
  • Is worker hooked on opioids – or does he deserve a new doc?
  • Does company have to waive drug test for injured worker?
  • Worker was fired for taking prescription drugs: Was it discrimination?
  • Is company responsible for temp’s injury?
  • OSHA inspector’s credentials were expired: Can company get fines tossed?
  • Was OSHA compliance feasible? Company fights fine
  • Was disabled worker a ‘direct threat’ to safety? Court decides
  • Did worker fake back injury? Company fights comp claim in court
  • Did they interpret OSHA exception correctly?

"I like that it deals with “real life” situations that have occurred."– Lisa Castner, Safety Coordinator, CCN International

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Safety News Alert eNewsletters

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Steven Harkin, Sr. Safety Administrator, Pacificorp, Electric Utility


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Pat Karol, Safety Manager Delta Airlines


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  • Practical Tools

    A library of 140+ handy checklists, toolbox talks, training handouts, and quizzes, you can use to ensure safety or training workers. BONUS: Many of these are also available in Spanish.

  • What Would You Do? Scenarios

    A library of 50+ challenging safety situations with the recommendations of safety pros on how to resolve them.

  • Case Studies

    A library of 55+ short case studies giving you an inside look at success stories from your safety peers that you can adapt to your unique company situation.

  • You Be the Judge Quizzes

    A library of 55+ imminently readable court cases in story form that ask you to guess the outcome before seeing how the court ruled, with analysis from our expert team and what it means to you in practice.

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