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Workplace safety: Are there apps for that?

Yes, there are apps for workplace safety, including OSHA’s first one. But overall, there aren’t many that are free or inexpensive.

OSHA recently announced its first (and second, counting the Spanish version) smartphone app to help protect workers from heat-related illnesses.

The app combines heat index data from the National Weather Service with the user’s location. Users can also enter their own temperature and relative humidity. Based on the resulting risk level, the app provides users with information about precautions they should take.

Workers can also access information about the symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. The download is free and only available on Android phones for now. You can find it in the Android Market by searching for “OSHA Heat Safety Tool.” Versions for iPhones and Blackberrys will be available soon.

What other safety apps are available?

The new OSHA app made us wonder what other apps are out there that might be useful for safety pros or workers. We set a maximum price of $10.

  • Audiometry is an app available for iPhones. For $2.99, you can download a hearing test consisting of various level tones.
  • Sound Meter is just that: It measures the noise level in your current environment in decibels using the microphone on your smartphone. We downloaded this one, and it works easily. This one is free.
  • Cargo Decoder lets workers know what’s in a truck or tanker using the four-digit number on DOT placards. It’s also free.
  • There are several free and inexpensive apps for first aid.

Mobile sites available, too

OSHA’s website is accessible via the Department of Labor’s mobile site, but you have to do a little digging to get there.

First, go to the Department of Labor’s mobile site. Under Top 20 Requested Items you’ll find OSHA Safety and Health Topics. From that page, you can access OSHA’s website. However, the mobile formatting doesn’t extend to OSHA’s pages.

Particularly useful: There’s a pull-down menu with OSHA help topics.

Other federal agencies have also developed their own apps.

Hopefully, OSHA will develop more apps and mobile sites to help safety managers and workers. What apps do you think OSHA should develop next? Is there a safety app you use that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ll take this opportunity to do a shameless plug of our OSHA Safety Software 🙂
    Currently we only support Cal/OSHA regulations; Fed regulations coming soon…
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  2. What apps would I like to see them develop? None. They need to start cutting back. We don’t have the money!

  3. I have used a Safe Work Methods Statement for high risk work developed by an Australian Safety Company, DOCOSH for Android, Windows and Apple Io.

    Apparently they produce other safety apps and tailer their apps for specific businesses. Give them a try.

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