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Worker survives after three-inch staple pierces his head

Unfortunately for many, staple gun injuries, including ones in which the brain is pierced, are not uncommon in the construction industry. However, doctors say they’ve never seen anything like this case involving a home construction worker in Dallas.

After having a three-inch long metal staple puncture his head, Shaun Hunter, 27, is doing remarkably well.

When a co-worker’s staple air-gun accidentally triggered, the staple pierced the frontal lobe of Hunter’s head, an injury that can be deadly or result is severe neurological damage.

“I was building a canopy on a roof, and I was trying to show my buddy how to do it quicker,” Hunter said.

“I guess he wasn’t paying attention to [how] his gun was over my head, and I went to stand up and hit the safety of the gun, and it shot a staple in my head.”

Following surgery to remove the staple, Hunter only has headaches. Doctors say they haven’t seen such a good outcome from a situation like this. No blood vessels were perforated and there has been no impact to his brain. (A local TV station’s website has an x-ray of Hunter’s head with the staple still embedded.)

His doctor confirms Hunter has no neurological defects. He’s set to return to work in a month.

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