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Worker killed when ladder touched power line

Here’s a reminder for workers that aluminum ladders and overhead power lines can be a deadly combination.

OSHA is investigating the death of a worker in Milford, CT, who was power-washing a home.

Victor Larranaga-Marquez was pronounced dead at the scene. Larranaga-Marquez and his uncle, Gerrardo Marquez-Hernandez, were power-washing a house when their aluminum ladder came into contact with the service line from the utility pole to the house, carrying 200 amps of electricity.

Marquez-Hernandez was taken to a hospital for serious, but not life-threatening burns.

The homeowner refused to identify the company he hired to a local newspaper.

A neighbor said, from what he was told, the workers didn’t lower the ladders they were using, but just leaned them back, and they came in contact with the electrical wires.

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