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Worker crushed to death by pinto beans in warehouse

OSHA is trying to determine how a worker in a Brush, CO, warehouse was crushed to death by a 15-foot high pile of pinto beans.

Authorities say Raymond Segura Jr., 56, was buried under the pile of beans at Kelley Bean Co.

Segura was working inside a large storage warehouse where beans are brought into the unit in bulk by an overhead conveyor belt.

It took an hour to dig Segura from the pile. More than 50 rescuers came to the scene. They had to move several tons of beans to get to the worker. Segura was dead by the time rescuers got to him.

Segura had worked at the warehouse for more than 12 years.

OSHA reports more than 50 workplace fatalities a year in which conveyors are the primary source of injury.

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