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Video: Man nearly saws his face off while TV camera records

Sure, it’s great video for any TV reporter: Record your narration (what they call a “stand-up”) while work crews clear away storm debris in the background. But this TV reporter probably never expected to capture this on video: 

A worker removing a tree stump tripped and nearly fell onto his chainsaw. The close call was captured by the reporter’s camera and has been posted on YouTube.

WTVW, Evansville, IN, reporter Drew Gardner says, “A man standing behind me has a dangerously close call with a chainsaw during my storm coverage in Southern Illinois.”

It seems the worker could have used OSHA’s Chain Saw Safety Tips Quick Card, which includes advice for workers, such as:

  • Shut off the saw or engage its chain brake when carrying the saw on rough or uneven terrain, and
  • Keep your hands on the saw’s handles, and maintain secure footing while operating the saw.
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  1. Very funny/spooky! Thank goodness the saw wasn’t running. Just shows that folks get in a hurry, usually for no good reason, and in the end, prove that sometimes smart people do dumb things.

  2. As the man runing that saw, when the saw is hung in a seven ton stump measuring over four feet across the chain is stopped simply by the inertia, if you watch very closely that ground moved considerably. The news crew was told to move because they were only two feet from the curb which might have hurt the reporter. Storm damaged trees are always the most unpredictable therefor the most dangerous. None of the people whom do this type of work for a living were hurt although several home owners had to get stiches!

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