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Top 10 safety stories of 2015

How many of these posts did you read this year?

Measured by your clicks, here are the top safety stories from Safety News Alert for 2015:

  1. Bumble Bee to pay $6M in oven death; 2 managers will pay $30K: Two posts SNA published about this gruesome death were among the most clicked this year.
  2. Top 10 costly workplace injuries: The leading causes of workplace injuries cost U.S. employers a staggering amount in workers’ compensation each year.
  3. Worker injured during horseplay: Should he get workers’ comp? How did the court rule in this case?
  4. Top 10 OSHA violations in 2015: Is new regulation tripping up employers? The No. 2 violation on the list involves a regulation which has been significantly updated recently.
  5. Stripper hit with stray bullet at club: Will she get workers’ comp? This case depended on who is an employee and who is a contractor.
  6. Top 10 apps for safety pros: Are you using any on the list?
  7. Managers didn’t provide PPE: Now they’re going to prison: Criminal convictions in connection with workplace safety violations are still rare, but this case shows they do happen.
  8. Court: Employee was worked to death, widow gets comp: A maintenance worker had put in 14+ hours one day at work and then died on the job of a heart attack.
  9. Top 10 OSHA trends for 2015: OSHA started off the year with two regulatory deadlines.
  10. Safety manager faces prison: Worker fatally burned in industrial oven. Prosecutors said common safety steps could have prevented this worker’s death.

Check back with Safety News Alert in the coming days as we take additional looks at what happened in workplace safety in 2015.

Thank you for reading Safety News Alert in 2015. Happy holidays, and best wishes for a safe 2016.

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