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Top 10 Safety Stories of 2009!


Sickening perfume, bowling injuries, texting while driving and snack machines that cause injuries. These are just some of the topics in our Safety News Alert Top 10 stories of 2009, determined by what readers clicked on the most.

  1. Co-worker’s perfume made her sick: Is company liable?
  2. Company takes ‘em bowling, then pays big for comp
  3. Texting while driving: Take this test
  4. Will violent, bloody video stop people from texting and driving?
  5. Worker attacked by snack machine sues for comp
  6. Employer surveillance ‘harmed’ employee, says court
  7. Cell phone bans to reach new levels for safety?
  8. Photo shows why it’s a bad idea to talk or text and drive
  9. Obama bans texting while driving
  10. Fired employee sues, says co-worker tried to punch him

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