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Top 10 Safety News Alert stories of 2012

By your clicks, we’ve determined the top 10 stories on Safety News Alert for 2012. They range from a debate about “safety first,” to release of a major new OSHA standard, to the issue of alcohol use at work.

Here are the top 10 safety stories from SNA for 2012:

  1. Mike Rowe: Safety first is a load of unmitigated nonsense. A statement by the Dirty Jobs host elicited lots of comments from SNA readers.
  2. OSHA’s revised hazcom standard. This standard is in the process of being phased in over time.
  3. Worker is fired for swearing at his boss: Will he continue to get comp? If you fire an employee for cause, do you have to continue workers’ comp payments?
  4. OSHA tells its inspectors to look out for safety incentive programs. OSHA’s theory: Some safety incentive programs encourage employees to hide injuries.
  5. Should he get workers’ comp for snake bite? The question in many workers’ comp cases comes down to the same point: Was the injury work-related?
  6. Obama vs. Romney: What would happen to OSHA? We know who will be president for the next four years. But Washington is going to have to deal with the fiscal cliff before we know for sure how OSHA will impact companies in the coming years.
  7. Company says he’s too fat to work safely, applicant sues. The rise of obesity in the U.S. impacts workplace safety.
  8. Fell down elevator shaft after drinking at work: Will he get comp? How does employee alcohol use impact workers’ comp?
  9. Is injured stripper employee or contractor? Workers’ comp hangs in balance. Another common question in workers’ comp cases is whether the injured person is an employee of the company.
  10. Doctor said take this pill: So why was he fired after a drug test? This case asks the question: Are zero-tolerance drug policies always a good idea?

And in case you missed our post last week, we also posted the Top 10 OSHA enforcement stories of 2012.

All of us at Safety News Alert hope you have a safe and healthy 2013.

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