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Top 10 Safety News Alert posts of 2018

Which posts were most read on Safety News Alert in 2018? Here’s a top-10 list of what your peers in workplace safety have clicked on: 

  1. The Dirty Dozen 2018: Group’s list of companies with unsafe practices. The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) released the list in observance of Workers’ Memorial Week which honors employees who lost their lives on the job.
  2. OSHA’s Top 10 violations for 2018. These are the safety mistakes OSHA issues fines for most often.
  3. Employee injured falling off yoga ball at her desk: Did she get workers’ comp? This employee suffered a concussion at work without even leaving her desk.
  4. Top 10 causes of the most disabling workplace injuries. This is where employers should target their efforts to prevent the most disabling and expensive workplace injuries.
  5. Employee says she was squeezed like a jelly donut in elevator doors: Workers’ comp? The employee says she was injured when entering an elevator when the doors closed unexpectedly.
  6. Is company liable for employee’s death after serving alcohol at work? An employee’s estate alleged the employer served alcohol to the deceased during working hours and was therefore liable when she was struck and killed by a train on her way home.
  7. She was shot to death at work: Will her husband get comp benefits? This active shooter case spells out what the law says in one state about when a victim’s spouse is eligible for workers’ comp benefits following a death due to workplace violence.
  8. Fainted at work, hit her head: Why did court award workers’ comp benefits? Read about the court’s reasoning for giving her workers’ comp benefits.
  9. Injured from fall, tested positive for weed: Does she get workers’ comp? A panel of judges split 2-1 on this case.
  10. Is company liable for injury due to horseplay? This worker wasn’t able to go back to his job after suffering injuries when he was tackled during horseplay.

Thank you for reading Safety News Alert in 2018. Have a safe and healthy 2019!

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