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Top 10 of 2012: OSHA fines and enforcement

It’s that time of year. Time to look back at occupational safety and health in 2012. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top stories about OSHA enforcement and fines.

The stories are ranked by your clicks. Some involve individual fines, some have to do with trends.

Here are Safety News Alert’s Top 10 of 2012 stories about OSHA enforcement:

  1. OSHA tells its inspectors to look out for safety incentive programs. Reason: Some traditional safety incentive programs reward a lack of injuries. That could cause employees or managers to under-report injuries.
  2. New ruling: How far back can OSHA look for recordkeeping violations? Short answer: Not as far as the agency would like to.
  3. Newspaper photo of worker on roof leads to OSHA fine. Turns out an OSHA inspector doesn’t have to witness the violation in person.
  4. Company to pay $400K to OSHA in settlement over injuries. OSHA went to court in this case.
  5. What will OSHA fines be like in Obama’s second four years? One way to predict the future is to take a look at the past. The records of previous presidents regarding OSHA could be predictive of the next four years.
  6. Worker crushed to death in machine: $702K OSHA fine. OSHA cited the company on a per-employee basis.
  7. OSHA’s top 10 violations in 2012. OSHA conducted almost 41,000 violations in fiscal year 2012. Here are the top 10 types of violations.
  8. Company that bashed OSHA on YouTube ordered to pay $42K for contempt. It all started when this company refused to let an OSHA inspector into its facility.
  9. Worker killed by lightning strike: OSHA fines company. OSHA says the company could have done more to protect its employee.
  10. Attorney: Why companies should contest more willful OSHA violations. Part of the reason has to do with a 2012 court decision.

We’ll have more year-in-review posts in the coming weeks.

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