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The Top 10 Safety Stories of 2010 by your clicks


Sure, the editors at Safety News Alert have their own opinions on the top safety stories of 2010. But we thought we’d let readers’ clicks speak for themselves.

Here are the Top 10 most read stories this year on Safety News Alert:

  1. 6 people drown in giant vat of ketchup
  2. Stupid warehouse tricks: Unsafe horseplay caught on video
  3. Pot smoking worker mauled by grizzly: Does he get comp?
  4. Worker hides injury for two months — then sues for comp
  5. Why one employee got banned from workers’ comp — for life
  6. Powerful sneeze leads to messy comp case
  7. 17-year-old killed in shredder: Can family sue for wrongful death?
  8. Sneaking a leak proves deadly; family sues
  9. Top 10 office annoyances: Safety makes the list
  10. 400-lb. employee: Was injury due to weight or work?

From all of us at Safety News Alert, we hope you have a safe and healthy 2011.

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