Safety and OSHA News

Chimpanzee sanctuary to pay $12K in OSHA fines: Employees’ fingers bitten off

A nonprofit animal sanctuary in Tumalo, OR, agreed to pay $12,520 in fines to Oregon OSHA, in connection with incidents in which employees suffered serious injuries while working with chimpanzees. But the state isn’t done looking into the sanctuary.  [Read more…]

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No one saw fatal incident: Was worker’s pot use to blame for his death?

An employee working alone on the night shift was found seriously wounded and died. A post-injury drug test showed marijuana present in his system. Will the drug test negate workers’ comp death benefits for his family?

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OSHA spells out when it will conduct workplace violence inspections

A new OSHA directive outlines the types of businesses and the reasons why inspectors will review a company’s workplace violence prevention efforts. [Read more…]

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Worker in cherry picker crushed to death

Cal-OSHA is investigating a fatality in which an employee was working by himself using a cherry picker. The worker was killed when his body was crushed between a building and the boom’s basket. [Read more…]

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