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Can he get workers’ comp after taking someone else’s pain pill?

This case provides a couple of lessons for employees. First, report an injury as soon as it happens. Second, don’t take someone else’s pain medication.  [Read more...]

Injured back at work then fired: Can she get workers’ comp?

An employee injured her back at work. There’s no question the injury was work-related. But her employer wants to prohibit her from receiving temporary total disability benefits because five days after her injury, she was fired. How did a court rule? [Read more...]

Injured while going to get mail: Does he get workers’ comp?

A paid firefighter was traveling between a physical therapy appointment and a fire station to pick up his work mail when he was injured. Is he eligible for workers’ comp benefits? [Read more...]

Do bad air and lots of stairs result in workers’ comp?

This employee was forced to breathe air with high pollution content while climbing up and down stairs at work. Was this enough to worsen his pre-existing asthma and qualify for workers’ comp? [Read more...]

Top 10 Safety News Alert posts of 2013

New OSHA rules; the mouse droppings case; marijuana and workers’ comp. Those are the topics of just 3 of the top 10 posts, by your clicks, in 2013 on Safety News Alert. Here are the top 10 posts: [Read more...]

Re-injured worker tests positive for pot: Comp benefits suspended?

A company had a drug-free workplace policy so its heavy machinery was used safely. An employee suffered an injury, and his drug test turned up positive for marijuana. Could the company suspend his workers’ comp benefits because of the positive drug test? [Read more...]

Man accused of workers’ comp fraud dies of lung failure before trial

David Brownell was charged with workers’ comp fraud: more than $2.7 million since 1995. Authorities say he misrepresented his illness, lung disease, to his doctor. He was set to go on trial before he died … of lung disease. [Read more...]

Run over by road paver: Can he sue supervisors?

An employee was struck and dragged 150 feet by a road paving machine. Now he wants to sue two supervisors. [Read more...]

Pepper-spraying campus cop gets $38K workers’ comp payment

The case of the campus cop who pepper sprayed a group of protesting students provides an interesting window into the world of workers’ comp and psychiatric injuries in California. [Read more...]

Worker dies of burns from gas explosion; Jury awards his family $2.6M

It’s rare that a family can successfully sue a company in connection with the death of a relative who was an employee — workers’ comp is usually the exclusive remedy. [Read more...]