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Did workplace head injury cause aneurysm 5 months later?

A worker was injured when he was hit on the head with a heavy object. Five months later he required emergency surgery for an aneurysm. Were the two events related? Would the worker receive permanent and total disability benefits?  [Read more...]

Will company have to pay more for workers’ comp 9 years later?

An example of how tricky back injuries can be: A worker injured his back in 2005. A court had to determine if his current pain is related to the incident nine years ago.

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He wants to go back to work, doctor won’t let him: Does he get comp?

An employee convinces one doctor to release him to go back to work after a foot injury. But another doctor says there’s no way he should return to his job. Should the employee continue to get total temporary disability benefits under workers’ comp? 

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Court makes it easier to prove retaliation in workers’ comp cases

An employee on light duty was fired when the company owner thought he was goofing off. The employee filed a lawsuit charging this was retaliation after he filed a workers’ comp claim. This case brought about a major change in workers’ comp law.  [Read more...]

Drunk, injured on beach: Does workers’ comp cover that?

An insurance claims adjuster, traveling to assess hurricane damage, was found drunk and intoxicated on the beach. He says because he was a traveling employee, he deserves workers’ comp benefits for his injuries.

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He wanted workers comp but refused drug test: Can they fire him?

An employee was told since he wanted to file for workers’ comp, he had to take a drug test. He refused, and the company fired him. Was the firing retaliation for filing for workers’ comp?  [Read more...]

Can he get workers’ comp after taking someone else’s pain pill?

This case provides a couple of lessons for employees. First, report an injury as soon as it happens. Second, don’t take someone else’s pain medication.  [Read more...]

Injured back at work then fired: Can she get workers’ comp?

An employee injured her back at work. There’s no question the injury was work-related. But her employer wants to prohibit her from receiving temporary total disability benefits because five days after her injury, she was fired. How did a court rule? [Read more...]

Injured while going to get mail: Does he get workers’ comp?

A paid firefighter was traveling between a physical therapy appointment and a fire station to pick up his work mail when he was injured. Is he eligible for workers’ comp benefits? [Read more...]

Do bad air and lots of stairs result in workers’ comp?

This employee was forced to breathe air with high pollution content while climbing up and down stairs at work. Was this enough to worsen his pre-existing asthma and qualify for workers’ comp? [Read more...]