Safety and OSHA News

Five-ton piece of equipment falls, kills worker; wrongful death lawsuit denied

New York’s Supreme Court has rejected a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the administrator of the estate of a worker who was killed when a five-ton rotor compartment he was welding fell, killing him.  [Read more…]

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Safety device bypassed: Worker dead, $137K OSHA fine

A company faces $137,180 in OSHA fines for violations found after a worker was killed after he became entangled in a machine’s moving parts.  [Read more…]

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Lights not working, truck runs over and kills worker: Is company to blame?

The overhead flood lights at a UPS facility’s entrance gate weren’t working. It was before sunrise, and a worker who had to open the gate for incoming trucks was run over by one and killed. Will OSHA violations against the company for lack of proper lighting and employee training stick?  [Read more…]

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Bizarre accident: Horse falls on handler, crushing him

Situations in which a falling item kills a worker aren’t that uncommon. But in this case, the thing that fell was alive. [Read more…]

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$11M verdict: Why didn’t workers’ comp cover this fatality?


Workers’ comp laws usually prohibit lawsuits against companies when a worker is seriously injured or killed on the job. But a lawyer in Texas found a way to skirt the law and win a huge jury award. [Read more…]

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