Safety and OSHA News

Feds threaten suit over state law expanding workers’ comp for nuclear employees

Unless they can come to some sort of agreement, it looks like the federal government and Washington state may end up wrangling in court over workers’ comp for Hanford Nuclear Reservation workers.  [Read more…]

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Appeals court considers whether workers’ comp should cover an opioid for back pain

If a doctor prescribes medication for an injured worker that generally isn’t recommended, does workers’ comp have to pay for it?  [Read more…]

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Judge throws out $2.38M in fines to Tesoro in explosion that killed 7 workers

A judge’s decision to vacate $2.38 million in fines against a Tesoro refinery in Anacortes, WA, came as a shock to state safety officials who now say they’ll appeal the ruling.  [Read more…]

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