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Bear spray discharges in Amazon warehouse, dozens of worker sickened

A word to the wise: The effects bear pepper spray have on the ursus animal family are the same for humans. Some workers at an Amazon warehouse found that out the hard way.  [Read more…]

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Owner sent to prison for workers’ comp fraud

The owner of an electronics recycling company in New Jersey has been sentenced to three years in prison for saying warehouse employees performed only clerical duties when obtaining workers’ compensation insurance.  [Read more…]

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Twisted knee stepping off a pallet: Will he get workers’ comp?

A warehouse worker injured his knee stepping off a pallet. A doctor said the worker had a condition that predisposed his knee to problems, including his work injury. Will the employee get workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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‘Death trap’ warehouse agrees to pay $197K in OSHA fines

The owner of a facility OSHA called “a potential death trap,” has agreed to pay fines and upgrade its facility, two years after the agency found nearly every emergency exit door in the warehouse wasn’t usable.  [Read more…]

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Will employee’s Facebook page end his injury lawsuit?

An employee said a workplace injury left him in pain, unable to “enjoy life’s pleasures” or wear shorts because of an embarrassing scar. Given those claims, attorneys for his former employer were interested in what was on his Facebook page. [Read more…]

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