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Fell asleep at wheel, crashed in company vehicle: Will he get workers’ comp?

An employee fell asleep at the wheel of a company vehicle on his way home from work. Was there enough connection between his trip and his work duties to get workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Does firefighter paramedic get workers’ comp for PTSD?

Did work or some other type of trauma cause a firefighter paramedic to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? The answer to that question is the key to whether he receives workers’ comp benefits.  [Read more…]

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Injury came from bending and twisting on the job: Why was he denied workers’ comp?

There’s no doubt that this employee was injured while working. Despite that, a court found the injury didn’t arise from an actual risk of employment. Here’s why:  [Read more…]

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Employee injured during training: Can she get workers’ comp?

An employer argued a worker’s injury during training was cumulative, therefore not eligible for workers’ comp. How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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$1.75M fine in Goodyear safety settlement following 4 worker deaths

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has agreed to pay $1.75 million in connection with four separate incidents at its Danville, VA, plant that claimed the lives of four workers.  [Read more…]

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