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Injured in car crash while driving to work: Settlement awards employee $2 million

The coming and going rule usually prohibits workers’ compensation from covering injuries suffered while an employee is traveling to or from work. Why was this case an exception?  [Read more…]

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Didn’t follow company doctor’s orders: Forfeit workers’ comp benefits?

A doctor, approved by the employer and insurance company, prescribed a specific course of treatment for an injured worker. The worker chose to listen to his own doctor instead. Does the worker forfeit workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Court upholds $5.3 million jury verdict: Worker suffered traumatic brain injury

A state appeals court has OK’d a jury award of $5.3 million to a worker who suffered traumatic brain injury from a fall on the job. Why didn’t workers’ comp cover this case?  [Read more…]

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Does workers’ comp cover injured employee’s home security system?


No question about this: Workers’ Compensation covers medical treatment for employees injured on the job. However, does a home security system qualify as medical treatment? [Read more…]

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