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Worker passed out in front of supervisors: Is that adequate notice for workers’ comp?

A worker’s supervisors saw him pass out while on the job. But his employer says the worker never gave formal notice of his workplace injury. Did a court award him workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Does previous coverage guarantee future comp for unexplained blackouts?

This case started relatively simply: After being struck, a worker required neck surgery. But then unexplained blackouts entered into the picture, leading ultimately to a workers’ comp decision by this state’s supreme court.  [Read more…]

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Court throws out 180-day provision for cumulative trauma injury benefits

A state supreme court has ruled that a portion of a workers’ compensation law that required 180 days of continuous work for a cumulative-trauma injury claim is unconstitutional.  [Read more…]

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Fell off chair at work: Will workers’ comp pay for back surgery?

An employee slipped off a chair and injured her elbow, back and head. Would workers’ compensation pay for surgery more than a decade later?  [Read more…]

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Workers’ comp: Injured shoulder by opening a door?

For a moment, think of some potential causes of workplace injuries that would qualify for workers’ comp benefits. We bet opening a door wasn’t high on your list — in fact, it probably didn’t make your list at all.

[Read more…]

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Employee injured ankle: Will that lead to death benefits?


Employee Michael Stokes suffered an ankle injury at work which required surgery. How did this lead to his widow requesting death and funeral benefits under workers’ comp? And did she get them? [Read more…]

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Powerful sneeze leads to messy comp case


Imagine this: A worker has surgery to insert metal plates and screws to repair damaged discs in his neck. He says his injury happened at work … when he sneezed. [Read more…]

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