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Disciplined because he filed for workers’ comp or due to positive drug test?

An employee claims his employer retaliated against him for collecting workers’ comp benefits. What did a court think about his claim?  [Read more…]

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Clocked out, fell on stairs leaving work: Can he get workers’ comp?

Are workers performing “employment services” when they’re entering or leaving their workplace for the day? The answer to that question determined whether this employee received workers’ comp benefits.  [Read more…]

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When do trip-and-falls qualify for workers’ comp?

An employee fractured her ankle on stairs at work and filed for workers’ comp. Is this a compensable injury?  [Read more…]

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She didn’t complain of pain until a month later: Did work fall cause injury?

Sometimes an injury might not be completely apparent immediately after an incident at work, like a fall. This is particularly true about a secondary injury, and that can have a complicating effect on workers’ comp claims.

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