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Job security speeds workers’ recovery from injury

A recent study identifies some new predictors of how workers will recover after they are injured at work and collect workers’ compensation benefits.  [Read more…]

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He wants to go back to work, doctor won’t let him: Does he get comp?

An employee convinces one doctor to release him to go back to work after a foot injury. But another doctor says there’s no way he should return to his job. Should the employee continue to get total temporary disability benefits under workers’ comp? 

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How do lump payments affect workers’ comp cases?

Conventional wisdom held that giving injured employees lump-sum payments in workers’ comp cases discouraged them from returning to work. A new study tested that theory. [Read more…]

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Recession impacting return to work of injured workers

According to a new study, poor economic conditions have made it more difficult for some employers to offer light, transitional or modified duty for injured workers.  [Read more…]

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Is this a good way to cut workers’ comp costs?

No one can blame an employer for trying to reduce workers’ comp costs through a return-to-work program. But an employer might run into trouble if the state workers’ comp board finds the policy to be illegal. [Read more…]

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Was fitness/safety test discriminatory?


A company required a female employee to take a physical strength test before returning to work after an injury. Was it a valid test of the employee’s ability to perform her job safely, or was it gender discrimination? [Read more…]

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Returning to duty: How managers help

Workers who return to the job quickly after an injury or illness owe a lot to their managers, a new study says. [Read more…]

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Injured employee returns: Is he able to work safely?

Periodically, we ask three safety pros how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: An employee returns to work after medical leave, and his ability to work safely is questionable. [Read more…]

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