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Could employee who responded to co-worker’s fatal injury sue employer for PTSD?

A manager sued his employer alleging that, while helping a severely injured employee, he was exposed to serious injury risk himself and as a result developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). How did a court rule?  [Read more…]

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Railroad sues two of its employees for train crash

A large U.S. railroad is saying “pay up” to two of its employees, claiming they caused a crash that destroyed equipment and sent four people to the hospital.  [Read more…]

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Did company place production over safety? $1.6M verdict

In this whistleblower case, a federal jury has awarded a former employee $1.66 million after being fired. The employee says he was fired for taking proper safety measures. The company says he was fired for insubordination and lying.  [Read more…]

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