Safety and OSHA News

Bill would increase OSHA penalties, cover more workers

OSHA penalties haven’t been updated since 1990. A new bill in Congress would change that. [Read more…]

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Tougher penalties: Safety incentive or government interference?


“Unscrupulous employers often consider it more cost effective to pay the minimal OSHA penalty and continue to operate an unsafe workplace than to correct the underlying health and safety problem. The current penalties do not provide an adequate deterrent.” [Read more…]

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New campaign launched for harsher OSHA fines


“Sixteen workers are killed a day in the United States because of reckless negligence on the part of their employers,” according to a new Web site. [Read more…]

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House Democrats reintroduce bill to strengthen OSHA

Backed by more solid majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats have reintroduced the Protecting America’s Workers Act which aims to expand OSHA’s reach and increase the penalties it can issue for safety and health violations. [Read more…]

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