Safety and OSHA News

What leads to long-term opioid use after a workplace injury?

A new study reveals six factors that can lead to long-term opioid use for employees injured at work and who weren’t previously taking the prescription painkillers.  [Read more…]

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Employment lawyer: Expand traditional drug testing for safety

Is it time for your company to go beyond standard employee drug testing? A lawyer says the growing problem of prescription painkiller abuse in the U.S. makes expanded drug testing something companies should consider.  [Read more…]

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Prescription painkiller overdoses skyrocket for women

Men are still more likely to die of a prescription painkiller overdose than women. But women are catching up. Why is that? And what does that have to do with workplace safety? [Read more…]

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Medical marijuana vs. workplace safety: Cloud of confusion?


Marijuana is now legal as a prescription painkiller in 14 states. But what if you have a drug-free-workplace policy? [Read more…]

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