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He says work made his back problem worse: Does he get workers’ comp?

An employee says repetitive work substantially worsened the severity of his preexisting degenerative disc condition. Was that the case, and if so, does that qualify him for workers’ comp benefits?  [Read more…]

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Knee replacement needed because of work injury or preexisting condition?

A doctor said a worker had a “terrible-looking knee” five years ago but that a work injury exacerbated her condition. Now the employer doesn’t want workers’ comp to pay for her knee replacement.  [Read more…]

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Workplace injury or preexisting condition?


An employee says he was injured at work. But wait: He had previously suffered a similar injury and was being treated for it. Does the employee get workers’ comp benefits for the injury? [Read more…]

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Customer’s perfume made her sick: Is company liable?


Imagine this: One of your employees complains that a customer’s perfume made her so sick that she needs permanent and total disability benefits. We’re not making this up: It actually happened. [Read more…]

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