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Opioids, pot and people who don’t work anymore due to pain

Has the number of jobless men exploded because they take opioids for pain relief? What if they used pot instead?  [Read more…]

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Employee appeals firing after positive post-injury drug test for pot

Did Kohl’s Department Stores violate its own policy regarding workers who have a medical marijuana license when it fired an employee?  [Read more…]

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Number of these workers testing positive for drug use skyrockets

Various safety and medical groups have been warning about the growing prescription drug epidemic in the U.S. for years. A new report shows why there’s no reason to think that any particular group of workers, even those subject to regular drug testing, are immune from this trend.  [Read more…]

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Post-injury drug test is positive for pot: Can company fire worker?

An employee had a license to use medical marijuana. After he was injured at work, he tested positive for pot. The employer has a drug-free workplace policy. Can the company fire the worker?

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Employers should check their drug policies

Availability of legal, recreational pot in Washington state is a big change. What hasn’t changed is employers’ ability to test their employees for marijuana use. Even so, employers should check their drug policies in light of the new pot law.  [Read more…]

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