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Lunchroom chair collapses, employee injured: Does he get workers’ comp?


An employee was sitting on a chair in his employer’s lunchroom, eating his lunch, when the chair collapsed under him. Does he get workers’ comp for the resulting lower back injury?  [Read more…]

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Struck by car while getting lunch: Workers’ comp?

A state supreme court says had it not been for one factor, it would have ruled in favor of an employee receiving workers’ comp for an injury that occurred off her employer’s premises. What was that factor?  [Read more…]

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Drunk, injured on beach: Does workers’ comp cover that?

An insurance claims adjuster, traveling to assess hurricane damage, was found drunk and intoxicated on the beach. He says because he was a traveling employee, he deserves workers’ comp benefits for his injuries.

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Worker injured when he fell over in his chair: Does he get workers’ comp?

A security surveillance agent monitoring 38 video screens started to put his legs on his desk to revive circulation. His chair tipped over and he was thrown to the floor, sustaining injuries. Will a court allow him to get workers’ comp for those injuries? [Read more…]

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Injured while driving to get coffee: Worker files for comp

An employee used a company vehicle, which he was allowed to drive, to get coffee and suffered a serious accident. He applied for workers’ comp benefits. Did he receive them? [Read more…]

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Worker attacked by snack machine sues for comp


An employee helps a co-worker get a stuck bag of chips out of a workplace vending machine and in the process fractures his hip. Does he get workers’ comp or not? [Read more…]

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