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Did stroke cancel employee’s workers’ comp disability payments?

An injured employee sought permanent disability benefits under workers’ comp. Just three weeks after filing, she suffered a debilitating stroke. Did the company still have to pay her workers’ comp?  [Read more…]

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Did slip-and-fall or previous injury cause worker’s disability?

Many of us in the U.S. will be glad to see winter go away and take with it snow and ice – seasonal causes of slips and falls. In this case, a trucker slipped on ice and hurt his back. Was his inability to work due to that or a previous injury? [Read more…]

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Workers’ comp for undocumented employee: Does injury status matter?

State-by-state, appeals courts across the country are having to deal with this question: Does workers’ comp extend to undocumented workers? In this recent case, lawyers arguing for the company focused on one particular aspect to make their case against benefits. [Read more…]

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Does injured worker who is an illegal immigrant get workers’ comp?

An injured worker turns out to be an illegal immigrant. His injuries prohibit him from doing the type of physical labor he previously did. He could do sedentary work, but he doesn’t have the skills. Does he get permanent total disability (PTD) benefits under workers’ comp?

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Video shows man working while receiving workers’ comp

Anonymous tips and video surveillance can pay off for companies in workers’ comp cases. [Read more…]

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