Safety and OSHA News

Court throws out Wal-Mart fine, but upholds OSHA regulation: Here’s why

Wal-Mart is off the hook but other companies may not be when it comes to an OSHA regulation regarding hazard assessments. OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) plays a part in a federal court’s decision in this case.  [Read more…]

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7 workers burned in flash dust fire; report cites lack of hazard analysis

Poor design of a dust collection system led to a flash fire that burned seven employees – one seriously – at an ink manufacturing plant in New Jersey, according to an investigation. On top of that, the report says the company’s emergency response was also lacking.  [Read more…]

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‘Don’t take my picture, I’m violating an OSHA reg’

A newspaper published a photo of some public works employees fixing a broken water main. Then, OSHA got involved. [Read more…]

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