Safety and OSHA News

When will OSHA penalty increases begin?

We’ve known since late last year that OSHA penalties will increase in 2016. Now we know exactly when the increase will take place and the most likely amount.

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Top 5 OSHA trends to watch in 2016

As the Obama administration gets ready for its last full calendar year, OSHA could enact some of the most significant changes its made in recent memory.  [Read more…]

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Bill would increase OSHA penalties, cover more workers

OSHA penalties haven’t been updated since 1990. A new bill in Congress would change that. [Read more…]

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Attorney: OSHA taking steps to increase penalties

Congress has blocked attempts to increase the maximums OSHA can charge for violations. But a Labor and Employment lawyer recently noted that the agency is taking steps unilaterally to up penalties. [Read more…]

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Senator: OSHA has failed, make big changes

The U.S. debt agreement will force lawmakers to make tough decisions on where to cut government spending. OSHA is one senator’s target.  [Read more…]

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New acting OSHA head: His ideas on direction for agency

The new interim head of OSHA has said the federal government needs to take a leadership role in workplace safety and health, and in the last eight years the agency has been a failure when it comes to creating new standards. [Read more…]

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