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Armed robbery, fatal shooting triggers $14K fine for convenience store

An attempted armed robbery at a New Jersey convenience store led to a fatal shooting – and a $14,000 fine for the convenience store under OSHA’s General Duty Clause.  [Read more…]

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Did OSHA propose feasible abatement method for hazard?

When OSHA uses its General Duty Clause (GDC) to issue a fine, one of the things it must show is that there is a feasible way to eliminate or significantly reduce the hazard. That issue comes up in this case involving forklifts and unloading materials.  [Read more…]

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Is OSHA testing the waters with new enforcement tactic?

OSHA says its permissible exposure limits for dozens of hazardous chemicals are out of date, but these days, it’s difficult to update its regulations. Does a recent fine against a fiberglass manufacturer signal OSHA’s way to get around this problem? [Read more…]

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OSHA’s new tactic to hit companies with more fines


While it didn’t cite Wal-Mart for a violation of a specific standard, OSHA has used its General Duty Clause to fine the retailer in the trampling death of a worker last November. [Read more…]

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