Safety and OSHA News

OSHA’s budget request shows its priorities for upcoming year

OSHA says it wants to modernize its Process Safety Management (PSM) standard and other chemical standards, and wants a bump in its budget to do so.  [Read more…]

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OSHA in the next two years: Could its budget actually go up?

Fact: The last time the U.S. had a Republican Congress and Democratic President (1999-2000), OSHA’s budget actually went up. How did that happen? And, could it happen again?

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OSHA wants to inspect the smallest businesses

Under most circumstances, OSHA can’t inspect businesses with 10 or fewer employees. The agency wants to change that using language in its fiscal year (FY) 2015 budget. [Read more…]

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Proposed OSHA budget would further cut compliance assistance

Continuing a pattern that has played out through the Obama administration, the President’s proposed FY 2014 spending plan would cut the OSHA budget for compliance assistance programs and add money to the agency’s whistleblower enforcement program. [Read more…]

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OSHA’s new budget shows its upcoming priorities

Will OSHA conduct more inspections in federal Fiscal Year 2013 (FY 2013)? Will there be new regulations? And how does the agency plan to fund compliance assistance to companies? President Obama’s budget proposal shows what’s ahead. [Read more…]

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Senator: OSHA has failed, make big changes

The U.S. debt agreement will force lawmakers to make tough decisions on where to cut government spending. OSHA is one senator’s target.  [Read more…]

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OSHA spared budget ax — for now

Through Sept. 30, OSHA’s operations should go on mostly unaffected by the new federal budget compromise. OSHA faces a slight budget reduction, but not the large one called for by House Republicans. [Read more…]

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Top 8 OSHA plans companies should watch out for


A lot of debate will occur between this week’s announcement of President Obama’s proposed budget, including funding for OSHA, and the start of the new federal fiscal year on Oct. 1. Forget about that debate for now. Instead, take a look at what OSHA plans to do with its funding, especially if you own a small business. [Read more…]

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Surprise: Obama proposes budget increase for OSHA

With the Obama administration proposing big budget cuts for some agencies, such as a 13% drop for EPA, it may come as somewhat of a surprise that OSHA’s budget would go up under the President’s proposed 2012 budget. [Read more…]

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