Safety and OSHA News

Can an injury log violation lead to a fine even if you got safety right in every other way?

Have you ever wondered if OSHA would fine your company over a Form 300 violation even if you got everything else right as far as safety is concerned? This court case shows it will.  [Read more…]

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2 Hershey contractors fined $288K by OSHA

Two companies involved in packaging Hershey’s chocolates face $288,000 in OSHA fines in connection with violations regarding foreign exchange students. On top of the OSHA violations, an organization representing guest workers calls the situation one that “kills decent U.S. jobs.” [Read more…]

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Judge tells company to record ergonomic injury

Sure, OSHA hasn’t yet enacted its proposal to include an ergonomic check box on its injury logs. But that doesn’t mean companies don’t have to report these injuries. [Read more…]

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